You have chosen your driving instructor and booked in your first driving lesson.
The anticipation heightens as the date draws nearer.
Will my instructor be nice? Where will the instructor take me? What if I can’t do it?
It is fairly common to think in this way, while waiting for the day of your first driving lesson.

A little bit of preparation can go a long way to allaying these fears.

1) Make sure you have received your provisional driving licence before booking a driving lesson. On average it takes three weeks for your licence to arrive.

2) If possible try to sit behind the wheel of a friend or relatives car to become familiar with the controls. (Do not put the keys into the ignition at any point.)

3) Watch some videos online regarding learning to drive. There are many videos available of varying quality. Pick a few to watch. Do not try to memorise what you see, just watch them a few times to get familiar with the language used, and the concepts being discussed or demonstarted.

After working your way through the steps listed above you should try to relax and not think about driving until your instructor arrives for your driving lesson.

You should bring both parts of your driving licence on your driving lesson.(photocard and paper counterpart). Your instructor will need to check these documents. In addition you will need to bring any glasses or contact lenses that you use as your driving instructor will check your eyesight (you must be able to read a number plate at 20.5 metres).

Your driving instructor will drive the car to a quiet road to begin the driving lesson. You will swap seats with the driving instructor before the instructor checks any knowledge you may already have, and explains the controls of the vehicle. You will then be taught the basic concepts of driving.
After working through the theory mentioned above you are ready to have your first drive of the car. You should be given sufficient time to drive the car on this first lesson. By the end of the lesson you should be able to get the car moving, change gear and stop safely.

We recommend that your first driving lesson should be at least 90 minutes in duration.  .