Automatic driving lesson Edinburgh
Learn To Drive Quickly With An Automatic Driving Lesson in Edinburgh

Do you want to learn to drive in an automatic car?

Automatic cars are becoming increasingly popular on our roads. This comes as no surprise to us. Automatic gearboxes are simply better than they once were. In addition more manufacturers are building cars in this configuration. 

Automatic cars always carried the tag of being 'slow and thirsty'. For the most part this was true. Nowadays, the most efficient cars, including all hybrid cars, use automatic gearboxes exclusively.

Many leaner drivers are now choosing to learn to drive in an automatic. Here's why:

  • Automatic cars do not have a clutch.
  • You can't stall these cars.
  • You have much less to think about.
  • You will not need as many lessons compared to a manual car.
  •  You will learn to drive and pass the driving test sooner.
  • You can negotiate roundabouts with confidence as you can move off quickly.
  • Your steering will be better without needing to worry about changing gears.
  • The driving test manoeuvres are much easier when not worrying about the clutch.

As you can see there are many positives to choosing to learn to drive in an automatic car.

If you want your driving licence quickly for any reason then learning in an automatic should be given serious consideration.

If you have found learning to drive in a manual car difficult then you should take a trial lesson in an automatic. You will probably love it.

Please note- We do not provide intensive driving courses in automatic cars.


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