Will this winter be as bad as the winter of 2010? The UK almost ground to a halt that infamous winter. The Scottish Governments minister for transport even lost his job! Windscreens iced up, black ice on the roads, driving tests cancelled. Winter 2013 is almost upon us. Driving in these adverse conditions is without doubt difficult and potentially dangerous. The recommended advice is always- ‘ Do Not Drive Unless Absolutely Necessary’- and who could argue with that?

But what if you really need to drive?

‘Got to be at work’
‘No baby milk’
‘Need gas/electricity top up’

We advise to be ‘winter ready’ at all times!

Do not neglect some simple steps that could save your life this winter-

What To Do?

1)Buy winter tyres- optimum performance when temperature is below 8 degrees Celsius, increased traction and grip, decreased stopping distance, can be used all year round. (This one thing will help you stay safe whilst driving in winter, more than all the others combined).

2)Make sure your car is fully serviced- The last thing you want is your car breaking down when temperatures are low.

3)Plan your route- Sticking to main roads may help to reduce the risk of encountering ‘Black Ice’ and other slippery surface conditions.

4)Make sure that you carry vital equipment in your vehicle- Fully charged mobile phone, snow shovel, blanket, windscreen scraper, de-icer, screen wash, and a torch.

Above all else- we recommend that you do not drive in adverse weather conditions unless it is absolutely necessary. However, if you must drive, make sure that you stick to the guidelines listed above. In addition you should always drive to the prevailing conditions.

In general-

1)Look well ahead
2)Plan in advance
3)Slow down early
4)Expect the unexpected
5)Avoid side roads
6)Give yourself plenty of time

Please take care this winter.