There are many different driving schools in Edinburgh. There are large national and various independent driving schools and driving instructors. The number of driving instructors registered with the Driving Standards Agency has increased over the last few years. This gives learner drivers more choice when it comes to choosing a driving school but it also makes it difficult to choose the right one.

It is important to spend some time researching prospective driving schools before making any decisions. Write up a shortlist of driving schools and driving instructors. Some of the things you should consider:

1)      Driving Lessons Special Offers

2)      Qualifications of Driving Instructor

3)      Cars Used for Driving Lessons

4)      Reputation of Driving Instructor and Driving School

5)      Driving Schools Terms and Conditions


In addition to the points listed above, one of the most important factors that may influence your decision is Driving Lesson Prices, i.e. How much will this cost me? It is easy to find the cheapest driving lesson price in Edinburgh and to go with that, no questions asked. This is not recommended. The cheapest lesson price does not always equal good value. You must first ask yourself, “Why is this driving school so much cheaper than everyone else?” No driving instructor is very cheap out of the “goodness of their own heart”. It is because they don’t have enough pupils, which leads to the next point, “why have they no pupils?” Professional, confident, results driven, driving schools in Edinburgh, have very good pass rates and do not offer very cheap driving lessons. These businesses thrive due to recommendations from their pupils.

If a driving instructor charges £15 per driving lesson, they will need to do around 50 driving lessons per week to make any money. This equates to around 70 hours on the road taking into account travel time between lessons. It’s not difficult to see that the quality of these lessons will not be of a good standard in particular the last 20 or so lessons. The driving instructor will be very tired and will not be able to give you 100 per cent. You have been warned! This should not be confused with driving schools offering an introductory special offer. This is a marketing strategy that all businesses use.

In summary, do the research, check the driving schools credentials, and be careful when it comes to price.